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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday with Kim - Fun with Alcohol Ink

Hi girls!

This week I propose to show you various ways on using a product that is very much ignored or perhaps overwhelming for some of us crafters out there! If you've guessed Ranger's (Tim Holtz) Alcohol Ink, then you're absolutely correct!

Everyone knows, that I'm totally addicted to all things Tim Holtz! I buy all his products as they come available and they just vedge in my drawers for a while. (Compulsive buyer? Me?)

In fact, I didn't know how use Alcohol Inks, here my experimentation... Let me me start by introducing some of the basic stuff...

Left to right:
  • StazOn Ink (or Archival Ink), really important because other inks won't work well with these products.
  • Alcohol Ink Applicator Tool and Felt Refills, really useful! Remember to change the felt every time you change the color of the ink!
  • Blending Solution, the blending solution is self-named, use to mix the color together or dilute one color.
  • Alcohol Ink, offered in a large palette of colors, Earthtones, Brights and Lights.
  • Mixative, offered in 4 colors, Pearl, Copper, Gold and Silver. It's a little bit thicker than the ink and gives your projects a great metalic look.
  • Alcohol Fillable Ink Pen, you can fill the pen with you favorite color and use it like a copic marker. Personnaly I like to fill it with blending solution, this way you can erase the little mistake you've done.
  • I always work with a Non-Stick Craft Sheet (Ranger) because ink always splatter everywhere. I also advise to wear an apron, after working with these inks your clothes will be recognizing!
So now, let's learn the basic!

Alcohol Inks work really well with non-porous surfaces. You can use on regular cardstock but it gives you amazing results on glass, peel-off, glossy paper, mirror, metal and etc...

You have to work really fast because these inks will dry on surfaces  in about 4 seconds flat. If you use a blending solution or mixative the drying time takes longer.

Let's begin a little project for Easter.

I cut a glossy cardstock in 4x6 inch piece. (Don't use photo paper, I've tried that and the results aren't great)

I used a combinaison of three ink. (Shell Pink, Aqua, and Willow) Take your applicator and press a 2 seconds drop of each color on the felt.

These 3 dots of ink can make a 12x12 background, so It's really economic.

Now trace vertical line on your paper.

Fill all your paper with these lines and when you're done turn your paper off 90 degrees and do the same thing over again. You'll get a pattern approximatly like this. (I'm sorry for the quality of the picture it isn't brown but apple green (Willow)).

I've trim the edge of the paper, I've stamped my favorite Easter image with StazOn ink. (Remember, StazOn ink take no time to dry!)

Then, I simply completed my card with some matching patterned papers and a bow.

Cute isn't it? You can also use Alcohol Inks to change the color of an element. I often buy things but I'm not satisfied of the color.

You can easily change the color of this boring butterfly, (you can see some paint chipping off)...

...into a pretty one like this :)

So that's it for this week! I hope you've enjoyed today post and I'll try to show you other exemples next week! :) Hugs and kisses

Kim @ KLDezign


  1. Awesome tutorial! Keep those alcohol ink ideas comin' I need them *lol* mine have been sitting on the shelf unused since last year *lol* :P
    Nini xoxo

  2. Great tut, I have all of these products but have only used them a handful of times. I would love to see more on these : )

  3. This is awesome!!! the card is super cute!!



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