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Saturday, July 17, 2010

KISS (Keep It Simple Saturdays) with Michelle ~ A Simply Made Mini Album Tutorial

Hi Everyone and I hope you are having a great weekend thus far!

This blog post is going to be about making a mini-album. Now I know there are tons of tutorials and videos showing the amazing and vast examples of mini-albums. This post (as with all my blog posts) is about taking the simplistic way to create a meaningful album by using very few tools and supplies you have already in your stash.

You may know that making these types of projects is not my forte. I love seeing them and appreciate the craftsmanship but then I wondered if one mini-album can be created quickly, beautifully and easy to assemble as well. Here's the story behind this mini album...

My girlfriend and I were 1 month apart being pregnant. Currently I am 6-1/2 months along (baby and I are doing really well) but my friend was having a troublesome pregnancy right from the get-go. A long story short, she had gone into labour early (being almost 24 weeks) and gave birth to a son named 'B' (abbreviated for privacy reasons). My friend is obviously going through a challenging time in her life right now. She is in the big city, away from family and friends, her home and surroundings all the while concentrating on helping her son fight the fight of his life. I wanted to give her an outlet to express herself and remember the private yet precious moments of her son's young life. Hence this mini-album (mind the pun, not intented here) was created for my friend.

To assemble this mini album quickly, here is my short list of supplies and tools required:
  • Die shape of choice (for this project I used a top note die which was big enough for journalling, photos and/or attaching pockets to). You can use any shape you wish whether it be from a electronic based machine or manual use.
  • Cutting machine compatible to cut/create the above shaped die of choice (I used my Big Shot but any die cut machine will do).
  • Binder ring
  • Embellishments of choice (I encourage you to dig through your stash and use it up)
  • Patterned paper of choice (again use up what you already have whether it be full sheets or scraps)
  • Stamps and ink if desired
  • Adhesive
While I won't go through the steps on how I created and assembled my mini-album; I will share with you my thought process on how I mix and matched my supplies:
  1. Gather up everything (I mean everything - from the above list of supplies) you want or think you want to use to create this mini album. Shop once from your stash and do not look again until the project is complete.
  2. Create separate piles within your stash that you would want to use on a page. Do not think whether or not you'll use the elements until you start creating.
  3. Arrange those piles in the order of the mini-album presentation. Decide at this point if you are going to make it double or single-sided pages.
  4. Start creating! The process on how you create each page is up to you - you can create page by page or in mass production (i.e. cut all pages first, layer on embellishments next and so on...).
  5. Assemble your pages together for your mini-album.
  6. Once you have assembled your finished project, take one good look over. Make any adjustments or changes but try not to re-do (remember this is supposed to be quick and easy). When you have made your final touches complete - DO NOT touch the album again! You are officially done.
My biggest tip for this type of project is... If you spend the time in the beginning to choose your supplies and elements plus arrange them in a way to make creating easy for you; you should not have to go back and make any last minute changes. Again this is my humble and personal opinion only.

Here are some of my favorite pages from this album (this was hard to choose):

I hope I have demystified and encouraged you to make a mini-album. After all paper crafting is not meant to be complicated or seem out of reach for some to be intimidated not to create. Take a deep breath and dive right in. Enjoy the creative process and relish in your finished projects. If you put your heart into it, your mini-album will be enjoyed by others for a long time to come. No matter how simple or elaborate your project may be.

Until next Saturday, Happy Crafting!

KISSes and Hugs ~Michelle

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tutorial Thursday with Kim - Flower Tut PT1

Hi girls!

I always try to have matching flowers in my stash... Even if I own a lot, (maybe even too much for some...) I often miss out on THE perfect flower. Toda,y I'll show you an easy way to make some!

Start with a piece of white cardstock, take one of your favorite stamp, I suggest swirly designs something along that line...

Ink it with some Ranger Distress Embossing Ink. Stamp it onto your cardstock a couple of time, I've stamp my pattern 4 times and it was ok. Now it's time to emboss your design with black embossing powder. I now have this pattern twice. It's not important if your pattern isn't neat and all. You can see some "droplets" and "dustiness" on my cardstock but don't worry.

To make my flower I decided to use my Spellbinders die because I believe I don't use them enough! I will then cut my flowers in 2 sizes with those die templates.

Cut a little bit of the flower. You can see how I've cut them. Don't go too close to the center because your flower will break very easily.

Turn your flowers and ink them with Distress ink. (I used Pumice Stone)

Now let's give a bit of volume to our flowers. Roll the petals into a round piece. I use my paint brush. The more you roll the more your flower will be thicker. Roll down the biggest flower and roll up the smaller one.

Look at the result.

Add a glue dot and affix the two flowers together.

I added a little flower on the top because I knew I'll need a bit of contrast.

And now, the final touch. A pearl!!

Look how elegant it looks! I hope you'll love making these flowers! Hugs and kisses!

Kim @ KLDezign

Saturday, July 10, 2010

KISS (Keep It Simple Saturdays) with Michelle ~ Window Card Tutorial

Happy Saturday to You!

I am not sure about you but here in Eastern Ontario it is turning out to be one hot, humid Summer and it is not even July yet! So I thought of creating a 'light' card sort of speak and came up with this easy method on how to create a window card.

Here are the tools and supplies you'll need for this method:
  • Plastic or Acrylic craft sheet
  • Paper trimmer
  • Bone folder
  • Sheet of cardstock
  • Patterned paper (optional)
  • Adhesive - I recommend a very strong hold adhesive as you will be applying cardstock and patterned onto the plastic or acrylic craft sheet
This is the recipe you need to complete this method:

Trim your plastic or acrylic sheet to desired card size. Fold in half using your bone folder. If you are using a plastic craft sheet, when folding that sheet in half you may hear a cracking sound and think your sheet is tearing apart. It is not and is a normal sound in this process.

Trim your cardstock to the same dimension as above. Cut in half ensuring each piece fits on the inside of the card as well as the exterior of the card.

Apply adhesive to one piece of the cardstock and adhere to the inside. Trim off any excess cardstock from the plastic or acrylic sheet.

Repeat with the other piece of cardstock but to the back exterior of the card (i.e. to cover up any adhesive showing from the inside of the card out.

Choose a mat shape that you would like repeated 3 times (e.g. die cut or pre-made).
Line up 2 of shapes that will go on top of the interior of the card (cardstock side) and on its opposite interior side. Apply adhesive.
    Having your mat shapes line up, adhere the bottom piece first then lay the other piece with the adhesive side up, lining up the shapes seamlessly. Press your card firmly together.

    Take your last mat shape piece, position it on the exterior of the card (i.e. the cardfront) and again seamlessly line it up to the interior of the card (i.e. the side of the card where the adhesive is showing). Press firmly in place.

    Stamp, embellish and decorate as desired. You have just completed your window card!
    I hope you will have fun with this technique and try making a window card for your next occasion. I'd love to see your variations on this tutorial, you can post them in the Posh Designs Scrapbook Store Community Site. Should there be any questions, please drop me a line via the community site. Until next weekend, Happy Crafting!

    KISSes and Hugs ~Michelle

    Thursday, July 8, 2010

    Tutorial Thursday with Kim - Triptych Part 1

    Hi girls!
    Last month I was privileged to meet the one and only... Tim Holtz! He's so inspiring... From now on I'm in a Vintage, Shabby Chic and Distressed  mood! I decided  to create a project of my own, a special project and I want to share the step-by-step instructions with you!

    The project is huge so it will be divided in two parts!

    Begin with 3 sheets of chipboard. ( you'll need 6 pieces) Apply your favorite glue or double-sided tape and affix a black cardstock onto it.

    Nobody's perfect! I had a margin done without paper! It's so frustrating!

    I took my Black Dabber Paint (a very useful medium) and painted over the cardstock and chipboard.

    Do the same thing two additional times to get three "groundworks". Now the fun begin! Take a sheet and trace 2 diagonales to find the center of your piece.

    Create an 8" square and remove the central part. Here's a tip, trace a parallel lign from 2" of the edge to 4" of center.

    Once you're done for the first one, you won't need to make them all again for the twos other ones, simply used them as a guide and trace like if it were a stencil.

    Add some double-sided tape, glue it near of the edge because the paper can ripple.

    Add your paper on the taped side of the chipboard. I used the new paper line from Tim Holtz... Turn your chipboard to see the "raw" side. Trace again a big X and cut it

    Remove a part of the "triangle", it's not important if it's not totally right. You'll get something approximately similar to the picture below.

    Create a lign with a bone folder. Fold it and glue it down. Use a brayer to be sure it's really affixed.

    Look at the result. We now have a frame!

    Do the same for the other 2 pieces! I made one pink and two neutral, I have 2 boys and a girl.

    Did you see?

    Grrr! So tiring! I use the same paint dabber for the three part, I think it's called Expresso.

    Now I distressed my frame, I use a blending tool and the Vintage Photo Distress Ink and inked my three frames.

    It was too drastic so I used a baby wipe and blended the ink with water.

    I would have loved to use strap hinges but unfortunately I don't own any so I used my Bind-It-All to connect my three frames. I've punch holes on my black "groundwork" on the top and the bottom.

    Use this templace to know where to punch the holes.

    Now your holes are done, install your rolls. No need to care about the color.

    Here's the result after connecting the 3 groundworks together.

    I've temporary affixed the frame just to show you a preview...

    Cute isn't? But the final result is far better! I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial! See you next week!

    Hugs and kisses

    Kim @ KLDezign

    Tuesday, July 6, 2010

    Summer schedule & CLSC17 Winner - IMPORTANT


    Hi everyone!!!! Happy Tuesday!!!!

    Summer is finally here!!! This is when we usually spend less time in our crafting area and more time outside with the kids, friends and family!!! Remember to take lots of photos!!!

    I would like to take this time and thank you-all  for your participation please know that no new challenges will be posted for this month (July). Our bi-weekly sketch challenges will resume on Tuesday August 31st.

    Thank you in advance for your understanding, and we hope to see back next month!  

    Enjoy the sun everyone, please stay safe and don't forget to drink lots of water!!!

    Hugs & Kisses xoxo

    Nini :)


    Our entries for our last card and layout sketch challenge were ALL so VERY amazing! Thank you SO much for playing along with us we LOVE seeing your work!!! Now for the winner of challenge PDSS CSC17 via goes to..... 
    Winner: #1 Karolyn Loncon
    Prize: Random Stickers & Rub-Ons Grab Bag

    Congratulations from all of us at Posh Designs! Please email me (Nini) and I will get your prize out to you as soon as possible.

    Monday, July 5, 2010

    Alter It Monday ~ Raffia Flowers

    Hey everyone,
    I got a quick and fun flower tutorial that can be done in just 4 easy peasy steps!

    1- Cut (5) 12" lengths of raffia.
    2- Tie each length into a bow.
    3- Glue each bow along the outside edge of a chipboard circle.
    4- Embellish center as desired.  I used a wooden brad to continue the natural feel of the flower.

    Enjoy! ~ Amy

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