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Monday, August 2, 2010

Alter It Monday ~ Coffee Filter Cosmos!

Hello and Happy Monday!
Today we are going to create Cosmos flowers with coffee filters and Glimmer Mist!  
The needed supplies are:
~coffee filters, 5
~A number of Glimmer Mists, I used 5!
~Staples and stapler
~Coordinating chalk ink
~liquid adhesive
Start off by misting the coffee filters.  Layer the colors as you see fit and make them all pretty. 
When you have the desired colors on the filters, set them aside to dry.  After a few minutes, wad them all up in your hand and crumple them into a ball.  Set that aside to dry.  Once dry, smooth them out into their circles again.
Fold each circle in half.  Fold rounded edge down to the first fold line.  Repeat on other side.
Fold this in half again and pinch/hold for stapling.
Alternate and overlap stapled ends.  Staple in place.
Fluff out the petals of the flower to desired fullness.
Take the Chalk Ink and swipe on the center of the flower.  Glue Button in place with Liquid adhesive.
Enjoy your flower!
Have a wonderful day!

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