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Monday, June 7, 2010

Alter It Monday ~ Flutter on by my Butterfly!

Flutter on Butterfly!

Summer is upon us and the butterflies are flitting about.  This is such a wonderful sight to behold!  Could you imagine being carried about in the breeze on whisper light wings?  Oh to be a butterfly!

I thought about that today and gathered together a few of my favorite supplies.  I had to create a Butterfly!

I used some pattern papers, adhesives (wet and dry), and a piece of raffia.

I cut one piece of pattern paper in an elongated trapezoid shape. 

I folded the wide end of the trapezoid up and over the raffia that I folded in half.  This was then glued in place.

Roll the pattern paper all the way to the end and glue in place.  This creates the Butterfly's body!

Fold another piece of pattern paper in half and adhere it firmly in place on all sides.
Get out those trusty old decorative scissors and freehand cut some wings. 

Pinch and fold the bottom wing and glue in place.  Alternatively, a staple will do nicely as well.  Repeat this for the top set of wings.

Adhere the body to the wings and there you go!


  1. Awesome!!! Love this butterfly!! Def the nicest handmade one I've seen.....and I prefer handmade over fake ones from the craft store...though I still buy them & and bling 'em up!! But only cause I haven't found nice handmade ones! it. Super, easy to follow tutorial! Will make this one!

  2. Wow!! What a lovely one!! Love these papers, so I think this butterfly is absolutley gorgeous!! How amazing!!
    Love, Wendy

  3. What an awesome tutorial...Thank you!

  4. Super tutorial. This is a keeper, Amy!

  5. This is so awesome! Def a keeper for my techinque book.



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