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Saturday, June 5, 2010

KISS (Keep It Simple Saturdays) with Michelle ~ Stamping onto Photographs Tutorial

Hi everyone!

Summer is here and if your family is a busier one during this time of year, you may find yourself with little crafting time to spare. This week's post is a ultra-short one. I wanted to show you a simple yet very creative way to use your stamps.

When stamping think beyond cardstock and patterned paper; stamp onto your photographs for added interest. Here are some of my creations using this method:

The type of stamp pad is very important to accomplish this method. You will need a solvent based ink such as Staz-On. Solvent based inks are best for porous surfaces such as wood, leather, and photo paper. Water based inks such as your usual dye based inks will repel against photo paper. Pigment based inks will not absorb fully onto photo paper.

There is only two key points to remember when using Staz-On onto photographs:
  1. No matter what type of stamp you use (rubber, acrylic or foam), stamping onto photos directly will have a little 'slip n slide'.
  2. Any type of stamp you use for this method will stain. Bear in mind this in no way change the effectiveness of the stamp for other uses and with other types of ink pads.
Here are some tips and tricks when using solvent based inks & stamps onto photographs:
  • Do not crop nor mat your photo first. Stamp first then trim if necessary your photograph to ensure its proper size and dimension.
  • Before stamping onto your photograph, use a temporary adhesive on the back of the photograph and place onto a non-stick crafting mat. This will ensure your photograph will stay in place when stamping.
  • Ensure proper drying time when using this method. This will prevent any smearing of the stamped image. However should you smear by accident, simply use Staz-on cleaner dabbed onto a kleenex and gently pounce off the smeared stamped image. Your photograph should not ruin by doing this. DO NOT use a heat gun to speed up the drying time as this may warp your photograph by bending them or cause ripples onto the photo paper. Personally I have left my stamped images to dry overnight to prevent smearing.
  • Ensure when you stamp to stamp in a up and down fashion, not an angle and use firm pressure. This will leave you with a cleaner image and prevent alot of the 'slip n slide' I mentioned earlier.
That's really it when it comes to stamping onto photographs using solvent based inks. If you like to try this method, I recommend having a black and brown solvent ink pad in your stash as a base. Once you are comfortable using this method pick up other colors, the creative possibilities are endless! Try this method yourself and you might think of what to stamp next in a whole new light! Until next Saturday, Happy Crafting!

KISSes and Hugs ~Michelle


  1. Thank you so much for the tips, I appreciate them!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I hadn't thought to stamp on images before..just figured to use rub-ons. Cool technique and much less expensive too :)



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