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Friday, November 28, 2008

Fun Fridays - Tea anyone?

This week we're looking at Amy Butler's K&Co. Lotus Tea Box collection. First off, it's so pretty! Pictures can NOT do it justice. There are glittered pages, flocked pages (that scream to be touched!) and foiled pages. The designs are gorgeous and I knew before I even had the paper in my hands what my first page would be.

Over the summer I had taken pictures with my family when we went to St. Joseph's Oratory and there were a few with my sister that I loved, so I used those. I had played around with colour (again) in photoshop to make her t-shirt and cap "pop". She's the best little sister anyone could ask for.

I had the paper pack and the ephemera box of die cuts to work with, so my layout actually used letters from my stash. The die cuts are adorable, colours that are bright yet subdued (not sure how that works out) and did I say adorable? So in I went, getting lost in family photos. I'm sure I"ll be using this for more family layouts as it works so well.

So overall. Pretty, adorable, gorgeous! I love this set and those that would know me wouldn't probably think that that's right, but I LOVE it! Go check out the other items available too.

What do the pages inspire in you and what would you use them for? Enquiring minds want to know!

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  1. Great layout indeed the Tea Box line is gorgeous I prefer this one than the Faded China line :) both are from Amy Butler's new Lotus Collection.



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