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Saturday, July 10, 2010

KISS (Keep It Simple Saturdays) with Michelle ~ Window Card Tutorial

Happy Saturday to You!

I am not sure about you but here in Eastern Ontario it is turning out to be one hot, humid Summer and it is not even July yet! So I thought of creating a 'light' card sort of speak and came up with this easy method on how to create a window card.

Here are the tools and supplies you'll need for this method:
  • Plastic or Acrylic craft sheet
  • Paper trimmer
  • Bone folder
  • Sheet of cardstock
  • Patterned paper (optional)
  • Adhesive - I recommend a very strong hold adhesive as you will be applying cardstock and patterned onto the plastic or acrylic craft sheet
This is the recipe you need to complete this method:

Trim your plastic or acrylic sheet to desired card size. Fold in half using your bone folder. If you are using a plastic craft sheet, when folding that sheet in half you may hear a cracking sound and think your sheet is tearing apart. It is not and is a normal sound in this process.

Trim your cardstock to the same dimension as above. Cut in half ensuring each piece fits on the inside of the card as well as the exterior of the card.

Apply adhesive to one piece of the cardstock and adhere to the inside. Trim off any excess cardstock from the plastic or acrylic sheet.

Repeat with the other piece of cardstock but to the back exterior of the card (i.e. to cover up any adhesive showing from the inside of the card out.

Choose a mat shape that you would like repeated 3 times (e.g. die cut or pre-made).
Line up 2 of shapes that will go on top of the interior of the card (cardstock side) and on its opposite interior side. Apply adhesive.
    Having your mat shapes line up, adhere the bottom piece first then lay the other piece with the adhesive side up, lining up the shapes seamlessly. Press your card firmly together.

    Take your last mat shape piece, position it on the exterior of the card (i.e. the cardfront) and again seamlessly line it up to the interior of the card (i.e. the side of the card where the adhesive is showing). Press firmly in place.

    Stamp, embellish and decorate as desired. You have just completed your window card!
    I hope you will have fun with this technique and try making a window card for your next occasion. I'd love to see your variations on this tutorial, you can post them in the Posh Designs Scrapbook Store Community Site. Should there be any questions, please drop me a line via the community site. Until next weekend, Happy Crafting!

    KISSes and Hugs ~Michelle


    1. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [10 Jul 12:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

    2. Oeh, lovely! I just bought my first transparant sheets, so this is great to see and have an idea!! Thanks!

      Love, Wendy



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