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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cricut Tuesdays with Michelle

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

This week I am sharing a card project with two stories behind it. I am a novice stamper and discovered Alcohol Inks. Now to some of you these inks are not new but they were to me as I am sure to many others as well.

At first the pretty bottles and tools were unused for a couple of weeks after my purchase. In fact I asked another Community Member if we could swap because as time passed I thought I was in over my head!

I am a die-cutter, how on earth can I incorporate alcohol inks into my already established technique style?

What purpose did these tools serve me in my crafting world?

I have cardstock and patterned paper, some stamps, ink pads and markers... Isn't that enough?

Questions like those stirred in my head for days. Then my 'a-ha' moment arrived and this is what I created. And I thank that Community Member who did not swap with me; it was truly a blessing in disguise ;)

Something you may not know about me but will now is that I am a cardstock hoarder. I keep every possible inch that my smallest punch will fit in because you never know, right?

As for patterned paper, I let go of that more easily because it changes all the time. Anyhow before I digress any further, this is my experience with glossy cardstock. This was my 1st time using that type of cardstock and I wanted to use as little as possible yet get the shape & size I desired.

Needless to say after 4 tries, nothing worked. So I tried again for the 5th time and it still didn't work; my sizing was off! I even walked away from my scrap area to take a breather as I was getting so frustrated. Then it occurred to me to cut the shape in half and use the 'workable' half onto my card.

So as you can see that I was able to incorporate alcohol inks onto my project by creating a unique color palette to choose a die-cut shape from. Looking at a different angle of my die cut, I was able to create a custom die-cut within its own shape. Then mixing & matching cardstock with patterned paper; adding some ribbon and a sentiment... Voila c'est fini, my card creation.

Although my card design is simple, I was able to add interest, texture and color to create a homemade card like all other homemade cards to be unique and pretty!

I hope you enjoyed this week's post and until next time... Happy Crafting!


  1. LOVE the card Michelle!!! It's beautiful :)

  2. Gorgeous card--love the alcohol inks!



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