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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursdays With Kim (great title ideas for your layouts)

Hi girls how are you?

Sorry to miss last week's post I was sick, yes again! I made a few layout in the last weeks but I'll show you one of my favorites! I made it for a challenge which was to use an expression as a title. I chose to write about this because some people do ask me;

How do I choose a title for my layout? So my answer is, you have lots of possibilities.

First, you can choose a simple title; the name of the person, the place, or even the color found on the picture. Simple, clean and really basic. Secondly, you can choose an expression, slogan or even lyrics of a song. You can even use an onomatopoeia, like wow, hummm or mmm! You can also use the first two or three words of your journaling to incite others to read the rest of your story.

So these are just a few of my ideas to make great titles! Who can tell me which technique I used to make my title for this layout?

Hugs and kisses



  1. Fab ideas Kim! I do often have a hard time finding titles for my projects so your tips will definately come in handy!

    Answer to your question, you chose COLOR *lol* :P

  2. Great title ideas. Love that LO and especially that photo :)

  3. Great layout. Thanks for the title tips!!!

  4. Love this layout!!!!! The colors are so bright and fun!!!



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