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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursdays with Kim - Another fun card!

Hi girls! I made you another fun little tutorial for card making.

First start with a basic card. I made mine 7" by 5". Embelish as you want but keep a free space on the side of your card. (Material Used: Basic Grey Bittersweet line paper, Kaisercraft Rhinestones, Magenta Stamp.)

Now with a circle punch I punched out 2 circles on the side.

Now open your card, you'll start to work on the other side for now. With an invisible wire (I used a fishing line) pass it on to the center of each circle and fix it with tape. (fishing line requires some Really Tacky Tape)

I then punched 4 littles hearts. Assure yourself that the hearts are smaller than the circle!

Fix the heart with glue on each sides of the cards and your card is finally done! Look how it pretty it looks!

Here's a close-up!

I hope you've enjoyed today's little tutorial! Hugs and kisses!

Kim @ KLDezign


  1. You made nice card! I want to make such handmade cards, so I am in search of such punching machine. Can you suggest me that from where can I get this machine?

  2. For punching I like to use some of Stampin'up. You have to find a represent of this company... I'm not sure but I think That Michelle-Dt is a represent of Stampin'up.

    If you want more a die cut machine I suggest you the cricut. You can ask Nini to buy one in special order!

    Hope my message is clear even with the mistakes!

  3. Cute - oh the possibilities - thanks for the tut!



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