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Monday, April 5, 2010

Alter It Monday ~ Glimmer Mist Blossom

Here is a really pretty and different way to create some blossoms for your altered art projects.

You will need some rose petals in a white or light color. I used some from the wedding/bridal section of a craft store. You can also take apart an existing flower or cut your own out of fabric.

I used 5 solid white petals for the flower itself and 2 sheer petals for the leaves.

I started off by taking my Glimmer Mist and spraying the flower petals with two different colors from the same color family.

After that, I misted with another color, Marshmallow, to add some depth and extra sparkle.

The leaves were misted with Glimmer Mist as well. I used a light green and a dark green.

Once the petals dried, they looked like this.

Now it is time for assembly!

Using some quick dry fabric glue, like Fabritac, I laid down a glue line like this on each flower petal. Letting the glue set for a moment and get super sticky is a great thing to do.
I folded each side in on itself like this to create dimension in the petals.

The leaves were glued and folded in similar way, but I only folded one side in.

Once the glue has set, this is what has been created.
I then gathered up the petals one by one in my fingers to create the flower. I overlapped them on one side and continued around in a circular fashion.

Once the petals were all gathered, I simply stapled them together in the center to hold them in place.

The leaves were glued in place on the back side using the Fabritac glue.
Now you have a flower!

But wait, let's take it one step further and add a cool vintage button to the center to really finish it off and to cover up that staple.

There you have it! A Glimmer Mist Blossom!

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  1. Awesome tut! Will def try that! ~ Nini xoxo

  2. Beautiful...can't wait to try this!!

  3. I have always wondered how to create something like this. I've seen these flowers everywhere and I know. Thanks for a great tutorial!



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