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Saturday, April 17, 2010

KISS (Keep It Simple Saturdays) with Michelle - Rock and Roll Techinque

Hello and Happy Saturday to you! Last week I wrote about using foam and metal on cards I created for some birthday cards. This week I want to blog about the technique I used on these cards; Rock and Roll. Believe it or not, this is a new technique for me to learn. The best part is that the learning curve is not huge. So let's get started...

The immediate tools and supplies you will need for this project (to create a 3 x 3" card = a 3 x 6" piece of cardstock, scored and folded in half):

  • 4 ink pads that coordinate with each other, choose one that will be your main color (which will be explained further on)
  • Square punch or any other shaped punch that coordinates with your stamp of choice
  • Chunky image based stamp (i.e. solid image, not alot of design within the image itself - this is because an intricate design based stamp will not work as well as some of the details will be lost)
  • Neutral piece of cardstock as your card base
  • Stamp cleaner of choice (not shown)
How to Rock and Roll your stamp:

1. Ensure your stamp is entirely inked up with the lightest color (vs the main color chosen) first.

2. Take that freshly inked stamp and gently roll the sides onto the darkest or main color ink pad. Try not to ink up the entire stamp or you will lose the initial color from step #1.

3. Stamp your image onto cardstock.

4. Take your coordinated square punch and create a stamped die cut.

5. Clean your stamp thoroughly before applying the next ink pad color.

6. Repeat steps #1 through #4 with the remaining 2 colors.

Once your initial 3 squares are created, stamp your last image in the main or darkest color ink pad.
Repeat step #4.

Optional tools and supplies to enhance your card:
  • Coordinating colored cardstock matching the light colors used when stamping above.
  • A layering square or other shaped punch (i.e. slightly larger than the original square/shaped punch used)
  • Embellishments
These cards were quick and easy to make. Honestly I think it took me 30 minutes to create(possibly sooner if I did not put away things in between steps). Try using this cool technique on your next stamping project. And if you were asked what you did over the weekend? You can say, 'I rocked and rolled all weekend baby!' Then give a quick wink and a smile. Until next week, Happy Crafting!

KISSes and Hugs ~Michelle



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