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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cricut Tuesdays with The McSmitty Girl

Hi Everyone!

Are you ready for Father's Day? It is just around the corner and if by chance you have not created your cards to honour your Dad or Father; here are some examples to help you get started.

Now these cards were created for my Husband - one from me and other from our Son. Warning to Hubby... If you are reading this, please act surprised on Sunday!

Card #1: 'Happy Father's Day to my Wonderful husband' ~ finished size 6" square
  1. Cut cardstock to 6x12", score @ 6". Corner punch all corners.
  2. Cut patterned paper to 5-3/4" square. Corner punch all corners.
  3. Using the Calligraphy Collection cartridge, cut phrase at 3" using the shadow and standard set creative features.
  4. (optional) Stamp words or other images related to Father's Day.
  5. Arrange & adhere 'Happy Father's Day' phrase plus any other stamped related images if applicable.

For my card, I embossed the greeting so that it can stand out against my busy looking patterned paper. I also chose to use my corner punch for additional detail and finish to my card; this is optional and you can use a variety of punches as well.

Card #2: 'DADDY you're a superstar' ~ finished size 5" square

  1. Cut cardstock to 5x10", score @ 5". Corner punch open flap to card.
  2. Cut patterned paper to 4-3/4" square. Adhere onto card front.
  3. Take white cardstock and draw star images using the George and Basic Shapes cartridge (creative features used are standard and silhouette) @ 1".
  4. Adhere star drawn patterned paper onto cardfront trimming it down to 3".
  5. Border punch colored cardstock cut at 1-1/2 x 3" and adhere that onto the star drawn patterned paper.
  6. Using the Sans Serif solution cartridge, cut letters 'D-A-D-D-Y' @ 1" (no creative feature used).
  7. Using the Street Sign solution cartridge, cut letters 'y-o-u-'-r-e-a' @ 0.75" using the standard creative feature and different color cardstock.
  8. Cut letters 's-u-p-e-r-s-t-a-r' using 1 additional cardstock color and the creative features, standard and shadow. All letters cut at 0.75"

For my tips on how to create to background patterned paper using your Cricut markers as well, please refer back to a previous post by using the search engine - Cricut markers. Also you can find my additional tips and tricks by visiting the Cricut Lounge inside the Interactive Community such as understanding the relationship between cardstock weight - speed - pressure and blade depth.

Card #3: 'to a Wonderful DAD and father' (created especially for my FIL from us) ~ finished size 6" square

  1. Cut cardstock to 6x12". Score @ 6".
  2. Cut patterned paper to 5-3/4" square and adhere to card front.
  3. Trim vellum to 6" square.
  4. (Optional) Stamp chosen images complementing your card. Adhere onto card using adhesive spray (so that the glue does not show through).
  5. (optional) Stamp greeting or other complementary words or images and trim to go onto card front.
  6. Using the Beyond Birthdays cartridge cut out the word 'DAD' @ 3" using the creative features standard and shadow.
  7. Arrange & adhere all pieces onto card front to finish.
  8. For this card, I chose to use glue pop-up dots to emphasis the word 'DAD' in honour of Father's Day.

So there you have it. 3 quick and easy cards that can take less than an afternoon to prepare, cut and finish! Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below or contact me via the Interactive Community!

And to all the Dads and Fathers out there... Happy Father's Day to you! May you enjoy your day whatever you are doing and hope you are sharing it with loved ones.

Until next week! Happy Crafting!


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