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Friday, April 17, 2009

Fresh Fridays - Challenge your brain...

Springtime is here and isn't it lovely. Usually this is when we start doing spring cleaning, to clear away the clutter and dust of winter. We open up the windows to let in the fresh air and sweep away the cold, dark blues of winter.

Well, if we're all so willing to do that for our homes, why not ourselves?

We get so used to a certain way of doing things. Habits and routines that sew themselves into the fabric of our lives. It's springtime folks, let's put on our thinking caps and challenge ourselves.

Over at the community site, we've got a fun thread in the forum for challenges. Yes, you read right a "thread", dedicated to sketch challenges and thinking outside the box. One of the fun challenges that have been posted is about Breaking the rules of scrapbooking.

Rule #3 is Scrapbook pages should always start with photos.
The challenge : Create a page about a story and photograph objects to accompany it.

How much fun could you have putting together a LO without the intial photo. My first thought was, this could be tricky. What will I do? Then it occurred to me. I have a number of favorite movies and one quote has been going through my head recently a fair amount, so why not create a page about the movie? It seems to be the trend lately, Kim posted only yesterday about her movie creations and here I am posting about mine. *lol* What a way to learn about your design team.

I wanted to keep it simple, I started by printing up the title and quote on vellum, not quite realising how tricky this can be and some of it smudged a little. Then I found a few great photos online from the movie, found a neat labyrinth to use in the background and got to work. I'm sure I could have filled the page with each characters name and quotes that I like from each of them but it would have defeated the purpose.

The main quote is the one I think of first when I think of Labyrinth, it brings me back to when I was a young teen and looked up to the character of Sarah. She was my teen heroine, braving caves, goblins and other scary creatures, not to mention the Goblin King, to save her step-brother. Her fight for family and how important it was to her and of course the new friends she made along the way made the story endearing to me and I'm sure many others. To this day it is one of a number of films that are quoted most often by my friends and I.

So I'm hoping you'll be wanting to do a little self spring cleaning and head over to the challenge thread to post about your adventures in breaking a few rules!

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  1. I'm so a totaly fan of Labyrinth! I have the soundtrack on my computer and I'd dreamed to marry David Bowie since my age of 4th... (But I missed my change.. So... I supposed! lol!)

    Your layout is amazing!



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