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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Crafty & Frugal Storage Jars

You want to beautify your craft space, but you don’t want to spend your hard earned dollars on storage. I’m with you on that one…….given the choice; I would rather buy scrappy goodies than the containers to put it in!!

Here’s my take on the fancy & expensive jars you can buy, to store your buttons, bling, pins, etc.

I used condiment jars. I won’t mention the brand, but suffice it to say that Cheez might have something to do with it!! But you can use any jar that has a lid. Large or small, the process is the same. It’s just the measurements that will be different.

Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Paper or fabric
  • Edge punches
  • Quick dry glue
  • Scissors
  • Twine, yarn, etc
  • Embellies of your choice

Begin by choosing your papers, and trimming them to size width wise. Keep in mind that when you punch the edges, you’ll lose some of the width.

Once you’ve chosen which punch you want to use, go ahead and punch one or both sides of the long edges. Don’t worry about the length, we will trim that later. I did both sides on this sample.

Now take you widest strip of paper, and wrap it around your jar. Once you are happy with the placement, trim the length, so that your paper overlaps about 1 inch. Re-wrap the paper around the jar, and holding it tightly, you can glue it in place. Don’t worry about adhering the paper to the glass, it will stay put.

You can now add a second smaller strip over top, by following the same procedures as above. I chose to add a third piece.
Note: Although I didn’t mention this in the materials needed, I used spray paint on the lid.
However, you could use fabric or paper to cover it.

Now wrap your twine or yarn around your jar several times, and tie off at the front. The backside is where your paper overlaps.
You can embellish the jar even further, by adding flowers, buttons, or anything else. Just glue to the front of the jar.
Here are a few more containers that I made. I used lace on the jar at the farthest right, to get a different look.

This project is simple, fun & easy to do. You’ll save money by using scraps & you’ll feel better about re-purposing a common household item!!

Thanks for looking and happy crafting!!



  1. Wow, these are gorgeous. Definitely going to try dressing up my jars. I once saved a small dill pickle jar and nothing I did could get rid of the pickle smell. I had buttons in it. Had to trash the jar. I'll start saving my jars again but stay away from pickle jars. Again, your jars are gorgeous.

  2. OMG, I love, love, love!!! Fantastic, easy ideas to implement and they give off great eye candy in one's craft space.



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