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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Flirty Fridays - It's coupon day!

Let's pretend we have a time machine and we've just gone back to yesterday, Feb. Friday the 6th, ok? *lol* I sometimes feel that's what my life is like, going back and forth between places and times. Oh wait, sorry that's the tv shows I watch. As you can see my Friday post is a day late, but here it is!

I think I've really been trying to come up with ideas that are outside the page to show you what else can be done with the amazing supplies available to us. This week I've made a coupon book, perfect for a loved one in your life.

You'll notice that it's pretty straight forward, a rectangular piece of cardstock with a patterned piece overtop of it to add some colour.

I've made a number of coupons that will be placed on the inside of the booklet. You can make as many as you want. I went with four to keep things simple. Use your computer to print up the coupons with whatever you think appropriate, the sky's the limit!

Use a hole punch or in my case my eyelet punch to make holes for the ribbon to go through. This is a handy way to keep the coupons together and inside the book. The outside front sleeve just slips behind the left front lip. You can keep this super simple or decorate it to your heart's content. I've inked the edges to give it a little extra something. I'm still new to inking so bear with me :-)

After it's all put together, tuck it in a loved one's pocket or slip it into their Valentine's Day card and wait for the coupons to be redeemed!


  1. This is so cute and original! Great job M :)

  2. Very sweet, what an awsome gift for someone you love!

    Thanks for sharing!



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