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Friday, August 14, 2009

August Fridays - and it finally feels like summer...

I can't believe it, finally. Only today has it really felt like summer, 30C (37C with the humidex) I'd get in a pool if I had one but I don't. I can tell the heat has hit my street because it's been, for the most part, quieter. I love it!

The forecast is for another week of this and I'm thrilled. Of course with the weather hitting higher temps. I do end up being more aware of what I'm doing, making sure I'm not overdoing the manual labour around the building, drinking enough fluids and staying out of direct sunlight so I don't get heat stroke. I may deal with it better than most I know, but I do take precautions just the same, to help me deal.

The weather made me think of a line that the store has had in stock for awhile but I haven't mentioned since the beginning of summer. Imaginisce Summer Cool line has tons of fun stuff to put together some great summer LO's, and with the weather taking a turn for the warmer now's the time to pick them up before it's too late. Once these babies are gone, they are gone for good!

The paper pack is a steal at only $11.99 Then of course there are the Summer Lovin' or Pop n' Flop rub ons at only $4.99. Top it all off with some super cute and sparkly Hot Hibiscus Studded Stickers for only $2.49!

So take those summer pics and put them to paper with this great line before summer is gone for the year!


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