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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank You Magnet

This gift magnet was very easy to make and doubles as a great little gift!

Simply take a small envelope and open it up to create your template. Then, use the template and trace the envelope shape onto a double sided cardstock (I used papers from Sassafras Sweet Marmalade kit).

Once your template is cut, re-create the original envelope folds using a ruler and a scoring tool.

Then measured the inside back panel of the envelope to determine the size of your magnet; make sure that it will fit inside.

Cut the background from a colored paper and add a piece of cardstock in an accent colour ( I chose red) to your design.

Add a coordinating flower and use letter brads and stickers to spell out a sentiment of your choice.

Use some rhinestones or any other embellishment to complete the design.

To make the yellow bow, just take a piece of scrap paper, ink the edges, fold it and attached it with a stapler.

Once your design is complete, cut a piece of magnet that is the same size of the background paper and adhered it to the back.

You can find sheets of thin magnet that can be cut and found at your local dollar store.

To insert the magnet into the envelope, just cut small slits in the top left and bottom right corners. Once your magnet is inside....voila.....your work is complete!!


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  1. Racquel this is soooo cute! :) Thank you for such a fab blog post!



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