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Saturday, November 7, 2009

O' Christmas Tree - Mod Podge Ornament

I thought this might be a fun project to make with the kids for the holiday season. It's fun to make, but a little messy!

Cut your patterned paper into 1/2 x 1/2 inch squares. Place you ornament on a piece of computer paper to keep the glue contained. (don't use newspaper as the ink may come off onto your patterned paper when you put the glue on).

Hold the top of the ornament with one hand and use your brush to put the modge podge on one part of the ornament. Apply enough glue for maybe 2 squares of paper to start.

Next you will need to place a couple squares of paper over the glue then press firmly to adhere then brush on more glue and glue in more paper. Make sure you overlap the paper squares on one another.

Once you have all of your paper on the entire ornament, completely cover with a coat of modge podge. At this time I also put liquid pearls around the top of the ornament to look like snow then let the entire thing dry overnight.

You are now ready to decorate as you please. You can add some beads, ribbons, adhesive pearls, Stickles for some glitter effect...

You now have a cool, fun, homemade ornament for your Christmas tree.


Supply List:
Paper mache/blank ornament (I picked this one up at the dollar store)
Mod podge / waterbase sealer and a brush to apply with
3 strips of 1/2 by 12 inch patterned paper
Ribbons, beads, and buttons
Liquid Pearls (Ranger)
Stickles (Ranger) or Glitter Glue
and any other fun things you'd want to use to decorate!


  1. now this i can do! this is just stunning and thanks so much for sharing.


  2. That's cute! I love those papers you got. Great job!



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