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Thursday, December 24, 2009

A chalkboard for Christmas

Hi girls!

Christmas is in only days away and I hope your presents are all wrapped and tucked under the tree! This year I decided to make a few personalized presents. I made bookmarks for our children's godparents and for my step Mother I made a chalkboard.

I've seen it on one of my favorite web site and I just had to make my own. It's really easy to make.

You need 2 picture frames (8"x10") it's easier to work when it's in wood but I didn't find one so I used plastic instead! Unmount the screw, the glass and the fixture.

Make a layout or an arrangement (mine is a little winter layout).Then mount the frame back to how it originally was! If you're frame did not come with a backing then you'll need one of about 8,5" by 10,5".

Now you have two choices, you can paint the backing with chalkboard paint. Or you can buy a chalkboard. I already had the paint so I painted my backing.Remember to give it at least 2 coats and wait 24 hours.

Mount the second frame, but don't place the glass on the piece of chalkboard. Now you only have to fix the two frames together.You'll understand why I suggest to work with a wooden frame instead of plastic!

Place the two fixture like THIS on the back of the frame. (It's more esthetic when you don't see it). If you're like me and have a plastic frame, then you'll need some really tacky glue, I used silicone glue. Wait another 24 hours until it's finally done and looks something like this:

I hope you've enjoyed today's project! This is my last blog post before the holidays and I'd like to wish you-all a merry and bright Christmas and holiday season!!!

Love you girls!

Kim @KLDezign


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