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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Projects using Scraps Part 2

Hi girls! I'm so glad you liked my last post!

This week I'll explain how make this cute piece from my Christmas decor.

Sorry my picture is a little bit blurry but I've took other ones so you could see the details!

Believe it or not the head is made with an old sock! (I love to recycle!)

I took a styrofoam ball and inserted into an old sock. I ten taped the "neck" of the head with some tape.

I used a candle light pillar from my wedding to make the body. I added some double-sided adhesive tape top the top and I fixed the sock onto it.

Before adding some decoration inside the pillar. I use some pearl beads and finally decided to throw in some Prima flowers.

The body is now done, let's decorate our little character!

For the face I used some marker to make his eyes, mouth and cheeks. I added some ribbon around the pillar to hide the little imperfection of the sock.

A big translucent ribbon and a flower which completes the neck!

I made an other cone to make the hat, I added some pompoms and a second translucent ribbon.
Here are some close-ups!

And voila our decor piece is now complete! Here's some Christmas cards to inspire you for the holiday season!

I hope you have enjoyed todays projects! Until next time, keep in touch girls!

Kim @ KLDezign


  1. Great cards and I LOVE your sock Santa!

  2. What a great job! Could not believe that was a sock - LOL!! Great job and I loved them cards too!

  3. Kim your cards are so cute, and the lil' sock snowman is adorable! Thanks for sharing your ideas!



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