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Friday, July 3, 2009

Fiery Fridays - Cranking up the heat in July

For those of you that follow the blog, you'll have noticed that the Fridays of each month have a different "theme" if you will. I was having tougher time with this months and actually had to look back over the various Fridays we've had.

  • Oct. 2008 - Freaky Fridays
  • Nov. 2008 - Fun Fridays
  • Dec. 2008 - Festive Fridays
  • Jan. 2009 - Frosty Fridays
  • Feb 2009 - Flirty Fridays
  • Mar. 2009 - Frugal Fridays
  • Apr 2009 - Fresh Fridays
  • May 2009 - Fanciful Fridays
  • June 2009 - Fun Fridays
  • July 2009 - Fiery Fridays
Needed are suggestions for Aug. and Sept. of this year and then the plan is to start all over again! What kinds of Fridays are there out there that start with "F", I noticed as I put my list together that Fun was used twice, oops, that shouldn't have happened. My bad!

So I'll be looking forward to your suggestions but in the mean time, you really should check out the new Paper Company Woodland Whimsy line that is ready for pre-order! They'll be shipping this month and they are adorable.

A complete line of goodies from a specialty paper bundle to stamps to brads. The little critters are too cute for words, although there are a number that come to mind when I see them. Adorable. Cute. Must have! to name a few *lol*

So put on your thinking caps and let me know what kind of Fridays we should be having for the next few months. Till next week!


  1. euhh...

    Fluffy friday?
    funky friday?
    fantastic friday
    funny friday(it's not fun!)
    Forever friday

    Bon j'ai pas d'idée mais mon chum dit fluorescent friday...

  2. Flighty Friday
    Freshmen Friday
    Free Friday

  3. hihihi I'm luvin' the suggestions how about:

    Fall Fridays
    Fab Fridays
    Fine Fridays
    Fancy Fridays

  4. I'm loving these ideas :D Keep 'em coming as I may end up changing things around come fall and use some new ones instead! A shout out will be given to whomever helps me with a new friday "theme".

  5. Fabulous Fridays
    Friendly Fridays
    Freaky Fridays (for Halloween)
    Frightful Fridays (for Halloween)



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