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Monday, March 15, 2010

Alter It Monday ~ Blooming Rose Embellie in about 10!

I was wondering if you had about 10 minutes or so to spare.. Also, do you like flowers? Want to make one in a jiffy? How about this one!

I thought I might be able to interest you in a look! Let's gather up some supplies quickly now. We're going to need: one sheet of  Double Sided Patterned Paper, some Glimmer Mist, Stickles, a Paint Dabber, Zip Dry, a chipboard swirl/flourish. For tools we'll need some scissors and an edge tool.

Start off by misting your pattern paper how ever your would like. I went splotchy and up close with my spray as you can see here. That will take longer to dry, but that's OK.

I then dabbed my Paint Dabber on my Chipboard Swirl/Flourish here and there. I did not cover it completely or carefully. I was after the texture the sponge would give. While the paint was still wet, I misted the Swirl/Flourish and then set that to dry.

When that was almost dry, I streaked some Stickles on it and then pat them in with my finger.

While the Stickles were setting, it was time to get busy with the rose!

Cut an imperfect circle out of your pattern paper and also draw a spiral inside it. The spiral will become your cutting line. Cut the spiral out and leave about an inch diameter circle in the very center.

Take the edge tool and rough up your exterior edge of the spiral. It is OK if the paper tears a bit here and there, trust me!

Starting with the very outside end/edge of the spiral, curl it up upon itself.

Continue curling it up until it starts reaching it's breaking point. This would be when the paper naturally wants to start tearing a bit on it's own. That's fine! Let it tear a bit or help it along gently. Add a dab of the Zip Dry glue between layers of paper to anchor this section. A little bit goes a long way!

Keep on twirling, tearing, and gluing the spiral of paper around and around. I went ahead and tore my paper a little here and there to save some time.

When you reach the center of the spiral, curl it around base of the flower and glue it down over the cut, exposed ends.

And there is your rose!

Glue your rose to the altered chipboard piece from earlier where desired and enjoy!!

Thanks for following along! I hope you have a bloomin' good time!


  1. Wow I am so glad to see this. I have tried this technique and just couldn't get it, but with all these step by step pics..this is going to be easier!!

  2. Amy this is gorgeous! Will try for sure! ~ Nini xoxo

  3. This is truly fantastic and love how you explained the whole process! Lovely flower created - now I can't wait to get my glimmer mists in my hands!

  4. Oh my this is fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing!



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