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Saturday, March 20, 2010

KISS (Keep It Simple Saturdays) with Michelle - Background Stamping & Heat Embossing

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Well although we are half way through March, Spring is certainly in the air here in South-Eastern Ontario and I do hope the warm weather stays around.

With Spring in my step and inspiration from one of my favorite blogs 'Nini's Designs'; I used the upcoming Card Sketch Challenge (yet to be announced but soon) to create this card. Although the sketch is a simple one, I used alot of supplies and tools to assemble my card together.
Normally at this point I would go through and list the supplies and tools I used to create my card. As well I would breakdown the steps on how I assembled this card. But because the sketch is self-explanatory; I also want to encourage you to stretch your creative muscles. Instead, I will give you my tips and tricks on how I achieved certain details on this card effortlessly. Let's go...

1. Starting with the cardbase - I used a large background stamp to cover its entire side.
Tip: To stamp a large background stamp -- lie your stamp face up (with the rubber facing you) and take your ink pad and pounce gently all over the stamp ensuring even coverage. You may have to go over the stamp a few times but that's okay as long as you are mindful of how many times you are circulating that ink pad over the stamp.
Tip: Once the stamp is well inked -- leave the stamp as you inked it and take your cardfront and lay that over top of the stamp. Use a brayer (optional) or your hands/fingertips to apply firm yet equal pressure over the cardfront to ensure the stamp image coverage.
2. For the strip cardstock piece - I chose to heat emboss my stamped image after using pigment ink.
Tip: If you use pigment ink such as chalk ink, using a matching embossing powder to heat emboss with only intensifies the color in which always produces amazing results.
Tip: If you do not have a pigment ink in the color you need, using a watermark ink can give you the same results. You may have to heat emboss 2 or more times to get the color intensity you want but it is well worth the effort.
Tip: To heat emboss 2 or multiple times -- apply more embossing powder once the original powder layer has heated through then repeat as desired. This trick works well when the powder is still hot/warm so that the extra layer(s) can be absorbed quickly.
Honestly... Those 2 layers used the most supplies and tools to add interest to my card. Otherwise I used the usual stamping tools such as ink pads and punches to bring my card together. I also stayed consistent using 4 colors - plum, yellow, gray and white. And truth be told, I am still a beginner stamper and cardmaker so ultimately my most used tools are sketches. I love them and love to put my spin on them. I hope to see your card sketch challenge interpretation in the Posh Designs Community Site's gallery really soon. There are fab prizes to be won and but most of all these sketches are so much fun to do.

Have a Great Weekend and Happy Crafting!

KISSes and Hugs ~ Michelle


  1. Michelle, I love this card!!! It's gorgeous!!
    I had no idea that you the background paper...I really thought you purchased it like that. LOL
    Now, I'm really impressed....thanks for the great tips and techniques!!! Will def try to do this!!

  2. Awww Michelle you're too sweet! I love your card very chic! I totally should have gotten that background stamp when I had the chance *lol*! ~ Nini xoxo



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